Pastors' Page



Rev. Gadiel Gomez-Saravia leads over 50 Latino members of the congregation in worship and fellowship. Central's goal is to help the Latin American Fellowship (LAF) group to become self-sufficient, while we hope to surmount language and cultural differences to truly become once again a prosperous, mission-oriented Church in Norristown.


The Pastors of Central Presbyterian Church . . .

Daniel G. Mallery             October 1856--January 1862
Robert Adair                    June 1862--October 1865
Henry T. Ford                  July 1866--May 1875
William A. Jenks              July 1875--October 1881
Joseph McCaskie            April 1882--April 1886
J. Lincoln Litch                November 1886--December 1891
Dr. James D. Hunter        May 1892--May 1902
Dr. John Allen Crawford  March 1903--June 1936
James Garrett Kell            May 1937--September 1944
Dr. James Lewis Grazier   March 1945--October 1959
Joseph MacCarroll           September 1960--April 1963
John F. McConaughy       October 1963--December 1978
Peter C. Leathersich         February 1980--January 1990
Flo Guynn Stiffler              September 1991--May 1996
Frank Amalfitano              April 1999--May 2006
Robert B. Radak              June 2006--May 2008
Gadiel Gomez-Saravia      June 2003--present
William Schuler                September 2008--present